The world of Nikolai Estis

Lidia Shulgina.
The portrait of Nikolai Estis



Having once entered this world, I already cannot do without it.

I want to see it over and over again, discover new details and recognize the old ones. Here is a piece of my own childhood. There is our favourite book, and over there are the Ladoga woods where we used to wander so happily.

I have no idea how this reality is created and recognized by other viewers as the process is unique for everyone. When, at what moment do these unpredictable, unexpected touches, floods of colour, strokes of worn-out brush, turn into amazing pictures of the world, with its primordiality and eternity, chaos and harmony?

However, I do know that this is the Universe, this is the history of humankind and the history of each particular individual. The foreknowledge of the End and the joy of Existence—you will find everything here…

The artist will never impose images upon you. It is up to you to decide whether to recognize them or not, accept them or not. This is what Art is about: being free to choose and finding repose in the work of the soul.

I invite you to travel.

Let us travel across the Universe, created by the wonderful artist Nikolai Estis.


Lidia Shulgina